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Monument Valley, a Tribal Park of the Navajo Nation, is mostly located in Arizona, with some areas in Utah. It is well known to fans of 1940s and 1950s westerns made by John Ford, and usually starring John Wayne as a cowboy, lawman, or US Cavalryman. There is a self-drive circuit "road" that visitors can take to visit many parts of the valley. Don't take your Scion or your sportscar, as the road-grader rarely gets out here! Anyway, to visit the really cool spots you HAVE to go with a Navajo guide. These include otherwise inaccessible archaeological sites and superb vistas. Because many Navajo live in the valley, only with a guide do you have permission to stray off the "road". In addition, you get an insight into the unique Navajo culture and the life and history of this area.
Aglatha Peak, southwest of Monument valley.  A volcanic plug.Navajo settlement at Monument Valley_MG_3558_MG_3573Monument Valley Storm_MG_3610_MG_3650_MG_3662_MG_3665_MG_3668_MG_3679_MG_3696_MG_3701_MG_3713_MG_3714_MG_3724_MG_3745_MG_3750_MG_3761_MG_3777

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