T. Michael Redmond | Vermillion Cliffs, Navajo Bridges and Horseshoe Bend
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The Colorado Plateau's main drainage is the Colorado and Green river system. On its journey from Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam to the Grand Canyon, the Colorado river passes through the Horseshoe Bend, Lee's Ferry, Marble Canyon and under the twin Navajo Bridges, all the time overlooked by the Vermillion Cliffs, the second step of the Grand Staircase comprising the successive sedimentary geological layers of the Colorado Plateau.
Navajo Bridge foundation plaqueBridge and Colorado River GorgeOld and new bridgesColorado River GorgeAlong Highway 89A, ArizonaVermillion CliffsVermillion CliffsVermillion CliffsColorado River at Marble Canyon, AZNavajo BridgeView from Highway 89 over Marble Canyon towards Vermillion CliffsHorseshoe Bend of the Colorado River, near Page AZHorseshoe Bend of the Colorado River, near Page AZ_MG_2415

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