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Gros Morne is the largest National Park on the island of Newfoundland. Like Newfoundland itself, it is a geological wonderland. It contains the best accessible fjord in eastern North America, one of the most accessible and visible exposures of mantle rock on Earth, and remnants of the ancient continent of Rodinia. It is also home to large numbers of moose (though we saw none) and a small herd of caribou (we saw one).
Fishing boats at Norris PointMural at Norris PointStream in TablelandsTablelandsStream at TablelandsPeridotite/serpentite barrens at TablelandsPeridotite mantle rocks at Table landsPitcher plant growing in boggy hollow, TablelandsMountain Brook, TablelandsOn the boardwalk at Tablelands, in a stiff Newfoundland wind.Tablelands brookSerpentite, from weathering of peridotite.Weathered erratic boulders with a coat of moss, TablelandsHarebell among peridotite rocks, TablelandsShrubby Cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa) at TablelandsPitcher Plant, TablelandsBN3V0180South Arm of Bonne Bay, Gros MorneRowboat styles, Gros MorneDory model

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