T. Michael Redmond | Mt. St. Helens and some other Cascade Volcanoes
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The Cascade mountains of the Pacific Northwest contain many volcanoes, active and dormant. Mt. St. Helens is only the most famous because it last erupted only 30 years ago. Some of the others have been responsible for far larger eruptions in the distant past.
Mt. St. Helens Montage, from Johnston RidgeMt. St. Helens Montage, from Windy RidgeMt. St. Helens Crater closeupMt. St. Helens Crater closeupMt. St. Helens Spirit LakeMt. St. Helens Spirit Lake: 30 yr old logsMt. St. Helens Hummocks (ash and pulverized rock piles)Mt. St. Helens Blast zone treesMt. St. Helens Blast zone trees with standing sentriesMt. Rainier, east sideMt. Rainier, south sideMt. Adams from Mt. St. HelensMt. Hood from Portland, OR

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