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101 is the postal code for downtown Reykjavik. "101 Reykjavik" is also the name of a very funny novel and film about life in Reykjavik. Reykjavik was founded in the late ninth century, about 870. The city itself is only 100,000 in population, making it about the size of Cork city or Charleston, SC. The Reykjavik Capital area holds about 200,000 people, or about 2/3rds of Iceland's total population. Once a sleepy provincial fishing port, Reykjavik is now quite a lively, cosmopolitan city as it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The downtown area around the Old Harbour retains its old Viking charm with fine wooden buildings and narrow streets. The downtown area is quite compact and easily covered on foot. Reykjavik is definitely a major stop for any visit to Iceland.
Halldor Laxness House, near ReykjavikHalldor Laxness House, near ReykjavikHalldor Laxness House, near ReykjavikHouse on Laufasvegur, ReykjavikFrikirkjan i Reykjavik, ReykjavikGunnar Thoroddsen's House on Tjornin lake, ReykjavikLakeside buildings, ReykjavikAlÞingi, the Icelandic Parliament, ReykjavikBuildings around Austurvollur, ReykjavikBuilding on Austurvollur, ReykjavikFram, Old Harbour, ReykjavikCoastguard ships, Old Harbour, ReykjavikStreet mural, ReykjavikAlÞingi, ReykjavikUnknown Bureaucrat, sculpture, ReykjavikLesser Black-backed Gull, Tjornin lakeWhooper swans, Tjornin lakeSwan, ducks and gulls, Tjornin lakeGunnar Thoroddsen's House on Tjornin Lake, sunset, ReykjavikSycamore leafing out, Reykjavik

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