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American Museum of Natural History from Central ParkPortico, AmMusNatHist, NYCTeddy's statue, AMNH, NYCTheodore Roosevelt, AMNH, NYCBarosaurus, Foyer, AMNH, NYCAllosaurus, Foyer, AMNH, NYCBarosaurus, Foyer, AMNH, NYCSamaras Tornado video probe, AMNH, NYCMastodon & Mammut, AMNH, NYCMammut, AMNH, NYCMammut, Hall of Mammals, AMNH, NYCGomphotherium, Hall of Mammals, AMNH, NYCFossil Bed, hall of Mammals, AMNH, NYCRhinocerid, Hall of Mammals, AMNH, NYCGreat Irish Elk, Hall of Mammals, AMNH, NYCSaber-tooth Cat, AMNH, NYCHunter and hunted, AMNH, NYCGlyptodonts and armadillo, AMNH, NYCDinosaur Hall, AMNH, NYCDinosaur Skull, AMNH, NYC

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