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In the eastern half of the US and north to Canada, we have only one breeding hummingbird, the Ruby-throated Hbird (which winters in Costa Rica). The western half of the US and Canada has another 7 common breeders in its different regions, while there are another 6, mainly Mexican, species found only in SE Arizona/SW New Mexico or far south Texas, and a few other vagrants. However, Costa Rica, the area of Vermont plus New Hampshire, or 2/3 the area of Ireland, has about 50 species of hummers alone! Many of these are endemic to Costa Rica (and Panama or Nicaragua). We saw 30 of these on our trip. Of these, I managed to photograph 17 species, many at feeders, many not.
Purple-throated Mountain GemGreen-crowned Brilliant, maleGreen-crowned Brilliant, femaleScaly-breasted HbirdPurple-throated Mountain GemPurple-throated Mountain GemGreen Hermit, maleGreen-crowned Brilliant, maleGreen-crowned Brilliant, maleGreen Violet-earWhite-throated Mountain Gem, maleWhite-throated Mountain Gem, maleGreen Violet-earVolcano Hbird, femaleBand-tailed BarbthroatGreen Violet-earMagnificent Hbird,maleMagnificent Hbird, malePurple-throated Mountain Gem, femalePurple-throated Mountain Gem having bath

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