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Fogo Island is the largest offshore island of Newfoundland. There are several quaintly-named communities on Fogo including Fogo, Seldom-Come-By, Joe Batt's Arm, and Tilting. The cod fishery was the historic lifeblood of Fogo and is now partly replaced by tourism. Fogo Island is accessible by provincial ferry (in summer, the MV Capt. Earl W. Winsor) that has a hard time keeping up with peak demand.
The car-ferry to Fogo IslandFishermen's Union (F.U.) General Store at Seldom, now a fishing museumMilbert's TortoiseshellJellyfish were also abundant at Seldom, feeding on shrimp bits.Seldom HarbourOld boilers for rendering cod-liver oilF. U. Trading sign, SeldomC. modeling a rain skirt: who knew there was such a thing?Antique hooked rugFogo village signFogo Anglican churchFair warning: sign at Brimstone Head, FogoView south from Brimstone Head to Fogo villageFogo Village from the south towards Brimstone HeadFishing stage, Joe Batt's ArmThe Fogo Inn, Joe Batt's Arm.Dory line-up, Joe Batt's ArmFishing stage, Joe Batt's ArmFishing stages, Joe Batt's ArmStorm at Tilting

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