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Iceland's coastal features are dominated by the results of volcanic and glacial activity, as might be expected of the Land of Fire and Ice. There are many examples of basalt columns similar to what can be seen at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.
Reynisjangar beach, near Vik, S. IcelandOn the road to GrundarfjordurGrundarfjordur, W. IcelandKirkjufell, Snaefellsnes, W. IcelandGrundarfjordur, W. IcelandGrundarfjordur, under KirkjufellBrimlarhof∂i, by Kirkjufell, W. IcelandKirkjufell, west side, W. IcelandMalarrif, Snaefellsnes, W. IcelandMalarrif, Snaefellsnes, W. IcelandCliffs at ThufubjorgDritvik Beach, Snaefellsnes, W. IcelandWaves breaking, Dritvik beachLifting Stones, Dritvik Beach, W. IcelandLifting Stones, Dritvik Beach, W. IcelandSteam Trawler Epine, wrecked at DritvikShipwreck, Dritvik beach, SnaefellsnesLava stacks, Dritvik BeachSurf on Dritvik Beach, SnaefellsnesLava stacks, Dritvik beach

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