T. Michael Redmond | Látrabjarg seabird cliffs
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The Látrabjarg cliffs extend for about 14 km, are up to 150 m in height, and host 100's of thousands of seabirds (kittiwakes, fulmars, all the auks, shags, gulls, etc.). They are the most famous seabird cliffs in Iceland, a birdwatcher's Mecca, and are reasonably accessible, as long as you don't mind driving hundreds of kilometres from Reykjavik over often marginal roads. Comparable other sites such as Hornstrandir in the far north of the West Fjords require, in addition, a boat journey followed by a 2-day hike to reach.
Coastal scenery along the road to LátrabjargMap of LátrabjargSection of Látrabjarg cliffsResting PuffinHead-on PuffinSideview PuffinPuffin portraitCommon Guillemots (Murres)Brunnich's Guillemot (Thick-billed Murre; left and right), Razorbill (centre)Common and Brunnich's GuillemotsBrunnich's GuillemotNorthern FulmarKittiwake and chickKittiwake and chickCommon Guillemots/Murres

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