T. Michael Redmond | Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch Mule Ride
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By itself, Grand Canyon National Park is a most memorable destination. However, the most unforgettable experience of our visit was our 2 day overnight trip down to Phantom Ranch and back on muleback. While about 5 million people a year visit the Grand Canyon, only a few percent ever venture below the rim. Less than 1% hike to the Colorado River and only 0.1% of visitors reach there by mule. Going down inside of the canyon gives one an entirely different perspective on this "wonder of the world" and really brings home its sheer size and uniqueness.
I took many more photos on the way back up, as we stopped over 20 times to give the mules rest-stops. In contrast, we stopped barely 5 times on the way down.
Saddling up, early morning in the Stone Corral at Bright Angel Lodge, South Rim.My mule Lucy.Mule boss, in soft focus due to camera shake due to anxiety!Arch on the Bright Angel Trail.The Battleship.Mule wrangler Simon points out feature.Battleship view.Mulestripper Julia.Upward-bound Park Service pack-mule train passes by.Passing hikers on their way up.Ever downwards!Helicopter in CanyonBelow the Rim, above the GardenChillin' at Indian GardenMules chillin' at the GardenHeading down along Garden CreekDown Garden Creek.Just above Jesus Corner and Devils CorkscrewDown the Devil's Corkscrew.First view of the Colorado River

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