T. Michael Redmond | North Iceland- Blonduos and Vatnsnes, Trollaskagi and Siglufjordur
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This region of North Iceland is not as heavily touristed as others (except to pass through Blönduós on Rte 1). Despite this, it contains many notable scenic areas and is the site of some important facets of Iceland's history. Many ancient farms mentioned in sagas are found in the valleys of North Iceland, as are remains of old monasteries existing before the Reformation was imposed upon Iceland by the Danish throne. This part of Iceland was also the site of the last execution in the country almost 2 centuries ago. More recently, one of the major centres of Iceland's herring industry, before its collapse almost 50 years ago, was in North Iceland.
The lake BlöndulónThe lake BlöndulónRoad-licking SheepDam at N end of BlöndulónBlanda Power Station, BlöndustöðHayfields at BlöndustöðHorsewomen at BlöndustöðBridge over Blanda riverIcelandic HorsesBridge over BlandaGlaumbaer farmhouse museumGlaumbaer Farm, newer houseGlaumbaer Farm, !9th century farmhouseChurch at GlaumbaerSnorri Þorfinnsson MemorialGlaumbaer outofficesGlaumbaer

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