T. Michael Redmond | Yellowstone Geysers, Hot Springs and Thermal features
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Much of Yellowstone National Park sits atop a huge subterranean volcanic chamber and it contains more accessible thermal features than all other places in the world put together. It also is home to many of the biggest and most regular geysers to be seen anywhere.
Soda Butte Dormant Geyser, Lamar ValleyBison at Sulphur CaldronMud potChurning CaldronSour LakeMud VolcanoDragon's MouthDragon's Mouth springCream potHot spring, West Thumb BasinHot spring, West Thumb BasinYellow Flowers, West Thumb BasinStorm clouds: Hot spring, West Thumb BasinBlack Hot spring, West Thumb BasinTravertine wash, Mammoth Hot SpringsTravertine terraces, Mammoth Hot SpringTravertine terraces, Mammoth Hot SpringAngel Terrace, Mammoth Hot SpringsAngel Terrace, Mammoth Hot SpringsAngel Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs

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