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Père-Lachaise, founded by Napoleon in 1804, is one of the most notable cemeteries of Paris. Napoleon himself wished to be buried here, but instead ended up in more ostentatious surroundings in the Invalides. Interred here are many of the non-royal, non-military notables of Paris since the early 19th Century. Many famous expatriates (Wilde, Chopin, Stein, Morrison, etc., etc.) are also buried here. A visit to Père-Lachaise is truly a must-do in Paris!
Entrance of Père LachaiseCrypt, Père LachaiseRobertson was a famous stage magician, Père Lachaise CemeteryJim Morrison of The Doors, Père Lachaise CemeteryJim Morrison's gum tree, Père Lachaise CemeterySlanted door, Père Lachaise CemeteryCasimir Pierre Périer, Prime Minister of Louis Philippe IMorard was a railroad engineer in SNCF, Père Lachaise CemeteryChat Cimitiere, Père Lachaise CemeteryGay Lussac, chemist known for his Gas Laws, Père Lachaise CemeteryLipstick prints on Oscar Wilde's tomb, Père Lachaise CemeteryOscar Wilde's tomb, memorial by Jacob Epstein, Père LachaiseMessage on Oscar Wilde's tomb, Père Lachaise CemeteryLipstick on sphinx' lips, Oscar Wilde's tomb, Père Lachaise CemeteryStained glass, Père Lachaise CemeteryStained glass, Père Lachaise CemeteryMemorial for Air France crash off Brazil, Père Lachaise CemeteryMarcel Proust, Père Lachaise CemeteryMemorial for 2005 Venezuela plane crash, Père Lachaise CemeteryMemorial for victims of Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen camp

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