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When I was last in Berlin I was lucky enough to be able to make a pilgrimage to see the famed "Berlin specimen" of Archaeopteryx at the Berlin Natural History Museum. This is the first complete specimen found of this iconic missing link and also one of the best. In addition, in the Hall of Fossils there are other stunning fossils from the famous Solnhofen "lithographic limestone" quarry at Eichstatt in Bavaria where Archaeopteryx was first discovered, as well as fossil dinosaurs from around the world.
The Berlin Natural History MuseumBrachiosaurus (center)Archaeopteryx detailArchaeopteryx, complete fossil.Archaeopteryx, complete fossil.Archaeopteryx, detail.Lepidotes, a Jurassic fishJurassic Fish fossilFossil horseshoe crab (Jurassic)Fossil shrimp (Jurassic)Fossil Horseshoe crabPterosaur fossilPterodactyl fossil.Pterosaur fossil.Pterodactyl_MG_6732Fossil ShrimpFossil fishKentrosaurus, front, is a relative of Stegosaurus.Kentrosaurus, a relative of Stegosaurus.

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