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The Western Maryland counties of Garrett, Allegany and Washington contain most of its mountains. Almost the entire area of Garrett is part of the Allegheny plateau, which makes it Maryland's little piece of Canada. Many otherwise boreal species of birds find their Maryland foothold here. These include many neotropical warblers. Washington area winter visitors like Juncos, Winter Wrens and Red-breasted Nuthatches also nest here.
Cerulean Warbler, Allegany Co.Cerulean Warbler, Allegany Co.Indigo Bunting, Allegany Co.Winter Wren, singing at Swallow Falls SP, Garrett ParkDark-eyed Junco, Swallow Falls, Garrett Co.Magnolia Warbler, Swallow Falls, Garrett Co.Chestnut Sided Warbler, Cranesville Swamp, WVIndigo Bunting, Garrett Co.Upland Sandpiper, Garrett Co.Upland Sandpiper, Garrett Co.Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Garrett Co.Black-throated Blue Warbler, Cranesville Swamp WVBlack-throated Blue Warbler, Cranesville Swamp WVBlack-throated Green Warbler, Garrett Co.N. Flicker (Yellow-shafted), Garrett Co.Magnolia Warbler, Garrett Co.Magnolia Warbler, Garrett Co.Yellow-rumped Warbler, Garrett Co.Yellow-rumped Warbler, Garrett CoHenslow's Sparrow, Allegany Co.

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