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Our relative poor luck with Myvatn weather continued with this visit. The "duck factory" of Iceland, the lake of Myvatn hosts tens of thousands of several different species of ducks, geese and swans, many of which migrate from/to Europe, others (Harlequins, Long-tailed ducks, Barrow's Goldeneyes) come from the coasts of Iceland where they winter. Our visit in late May 2015 coincided with Icelandic "spring": the birds had recently arrived from their wintering areas (Europe, the seas around Iceland, etc.). We saw the resplendent males with the females and the courtship displays, the "he-ing and she-ing". In 2016, we were there in mid-summer, a good 6-7 weeks later in the season. Many of the male ducks had gone back to the sea or were in huge post-breeding bachelor flocks out on the lake, leaving the females with the young ducklings. Myvatn is also in the middle of a very active geothermal region of Iceland, with significant volcanic activity within the last 50 years. In 2016, we spent a lot more time on these various lava fields than we did in 2015, due to the fact that the snow was mostly melted off in July 2016, whereas that was not the case in May 2015.
J. in her new sweater on her birthday, Vogafjos Cowshed Restaurant, MývatnVisiting the cows and calves, Vogafjos Cowshed CafeKrafla Viti craterJ. at Viti craterBentley touring group, Krafla VitiBentley touring group, Krafla VitiBentley touring group, Krafla VitiGeothermal area beside VitiKrafla Viti craterSnowbank on Viti trailBeside VitiScheutzer's CottongrassBackside of Viti CraterPool beside VitiMountain Avens (Dryas octopetala)Trail to Leirhnjúkur, opposite VitiCrack in path to LeirhnjúkurLeirhnjúkurHot pool at Leirhnjúkur

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