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Glendalough and its surrounding hills is part of the Wicklow Mountains National Parks. The ancient monastic town founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century is famed worldwide as one of the must-see sights in Ireland. One of the most popular hillwalking hikes here is the Spinc Loop which climbs the high Spinc cliff overlooking the Upper Lake on its south side and returns via the Glenealo valley and along the Miner's road along the north shore of the Upper Lake. We just did it counter-current that day! In summer on the Spinc, one can pick the plentiful fraochans (or bilberries), a welcome restorative for the tired hiker! The Glenealo Valley is home to a large herd of hybrid "Red-like" deer, and we were lucky to see many when we hiked. The day we hiked here was remarkably still and windless (for mid-November) allowing the Upper Lake to be mirror-like. There was a leadmine in the upper valley, the ruins of which remain.
St. Kevin's Church, Monastic town at GlendaloughGlendalough hillsideReflections in Lower LakeLower Lake, GlendaloughReflection in Upper Lake, GlendaloughRobin posing, GlendaloughPosing Robin, GlendaloughSpinc warningsMiner's road above Upper Lake, GlendaloughMiner's village above Upper Lake, GlendaloughView down Glenealo valley towards Upper Lake, GlendaloughMidday shadow- low winter sun, GlendaloughGlenealo River, GlendaloughGlenealo River above Glendalough"Red-like" deer at Glendalough"Red-like" deer at Glendalough"Red-like" deer at Glendalough"Red-like" deer at GlendaloughView of Upper Lake, GlendaloughGlenealo valley above Glendalough

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