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The Chesapeake and Ohio (C & O) Canal National Historic Park runs along the Potomac River from Georgetown (DC) to Cumberland MD. In spring its woods are filled with spring wildflowers and migrating birds and is a favorite place for a short stroll, a long hike or a bike ride.
Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensisLock-keeper's house at Pennyfield LockIMG_0433DragonflyBullfrogBullfrog in algal matPalm Warbler, Setophaga palmarumQuestion-mark Anglewing Butterfly, Polygonia interrogationisPalm WarblerMyrtle (Yellow-rumped) warblerOspreyPickerelweed leavesRed-winged Blackbird singing from a snagIMG_0478Spring-Beauty, Claytonia virginicaMertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells)Blue Phlox, P. divaricataBlue-gray GnatcatcherBlue-gray GnatcatcherWhite-throated Sparrow

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