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We went on our annual spring trip to Garrett County in Western Maryland. This time we "camped" in Swallow Falls SP in a mini-cabin. As our trip coincided with the Annual Conference of the Maryland Ornithological Society at Wisp Ski Resort, close-by, we took part in the events associated with that. This included two field-trips: The first was an all-day outing to several venues in eastern West Virginia (Cathedral SP, Blackwater Fall SP, Canaan Valley NWR and Canaan Valley SP). The second was a half-day in Swallow Falls SP. We were able to see many of the avian specialties of this high Allegheny plateau province (2,500-4,500 ft elevation) of these two states, the elevation of which gives ecotypes corresponding to those in the northern US/Canada.
Chestnut-sided Warbler, Swallow Falls SPFemale Wood Duck with brood, Swallow Falls SPMale Wood Duck, Swallow Falls SPCathedral SP, WVWild Lily-of-the-valley, Cathedral SP, WVBrown mushroom, Cathedral SP, WVCinnamon Fern, Cathedral SP, WVMoss balls, Cathedral SP, WVRose-breasted Grosbeak, Cathedral SP, WVAcadian Flycatcher, Cathedral SP, WVCladonia lichen (Reindeer Moss), Cathedral SP, WVNorthern Redback Salamander, Cathedral SP, WVHemlock Varnish Shelf mushroom, Cathedral SP, WVPainted Trillium, Cathedral SP, WVDame's Rocket, Cathedral SP, WVDark-eyed Junco Cathedral SP, WVHermit Thrush (top right) and Winter Wren (bottom left),  Cathedral SP, WVBlackwater Falls, Blackwater Falls SP, WVBlackwater Canyon, Blackwater Falls SP, WV

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